Pitt Pokes Fun At Clooney Quot Sexuality

. De g n r made a joke to try to get a chat Clooney in recent weeks, sending the Kate Hudson and Victoria Secret models in addition to its neighbor office in an attempt to entice him on his show, but Clooney has never state in which she and her famous friends come calling. Ocean and his Eleven co-star Ellen Pitt insisted everything was wrong - and you should be the dispatch of more than naked men instead. He joked, Get A Bunch Of Chippendale. No less than three I would say (and) create a blonde. S. Pitt made his debut on comedienne Ellen De Genere Show on Wednesday (03Dec08) via satellite from New Orleans Louisiana, and gave a welcome suggestions on how to snare an interview with Clooney, whose production office is right next to his studio. Talk show ELLEN. BRAD PITT has poked fun at pal GEORGE CLOONEY sexuality in an effort to get the movie star to make a first appearance at U. (and) he your.

10.12.08 11:50

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