Pitt Pokes Fun At Clooney Quot Sexuality

. De g n r made a joke to try to get a chat Clooney in recent weeks, sending the Kate Hudson and Victoria Secret models in addition to its neighbor office in an attempt to entice him on his show, but Clooney has never state in which she and her famous friends come calling. Ocean and his Eleven co-star Ellen Pitt insisted everything was wrong - and you should be the dispatch of more than naked men instead. He joked, Get A Bunch Of Chippendale. No less than three I would say (and) create a blonde. S. Pitt made his debut on comedienne Ellen De Genere Show on Wednesday (03Dec08) via satellite from New Orleans Louisiana, and gave a welcome suggestions on how to snare an interview with Clooney, whose production office is right next to his studio. Talk show ELLEN. BRAD PITT has poked fun at pal GEORGE CLOONEY sexuality in an effort to get the movie star to make a first appearance at U. (and) he your.

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Bush Quot Interview Wtih Charlie Gibson Marks The Start Of His Effort To Revise History

L inevitable campaign to revise the history of George W Bush presidency has apparently begun. In an interview with ABC Charlie Gibson broadcast on Monday, the earliest-but-not-quite soon to be ex-president made several eye-roll-inducing statements that they feel like the first save in a war completely to recast Bush years..

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Jessica Alba

u003cP u003e u003c / P u003e A bright Jessica Alba dazzled in Milan last week for the red carpet launch of its Campari calendar 2009. Rubini havent looked good since this rebirth The Red Slipper!. The lady in red scarlet tied a stunning Dolce and Gabana dress d era with ruby and diamond Bulgari jewels that have made this jewelry Hound drool at first sight.

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Jessica Alba Parisian Shopper

Before returning to his swanky hotel, Jessica And Mrs Firestone broke off on its own for a while to shop for some clothes for children.. Taking full advantage of its surroundings European Jessica Alba was spotted doing a little retail therapy in Paris, France today (December 3). The Good Luck Chuck hottie was joined by her husband Cash Warren and Eva Longoria Parkers mother-in-law Pamela Firestone as she carefully stores in Paris.

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Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Pg

Catch in extraordinary DMR (ten times larger and four times lighter) to Millennium Point IMAX Cinema and, if you sit on the back, youll find out its one of the best animation ever. Preparing for a box-office Stampede! This follow-up of 2005 struck Juy animation Madagascar is the best followed by Toy Story 2 in 1999. The film is perfectly detailed, colorful and surprisingly fun constantly, with the best vocal performance by Eddie Murphy in Shrek.

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